Monday, December 27, 2010

Taking more time off for bad behavior.

Right now I'm wondering how many people following this blog were waiting for a post like this.  Sarah, for sure, must have known this would be coming since her e-mail this morning was a bit timely.  I'm back to the land of the injured after doing too much, too fast and too soon.  Not quite sure when I'll learn, but hopefully it is before my tibia actually has a complete fracture.

I had some wonderful, brisk, not speed sessions, but brisk runs last week with my friends.  I got to be one of them for a bit.  I felt great.  Things did not hurt, I was running well and so I thought, "what could it hurt to test?"  Sarah and I were running one day last week and she said "how does it feel?  Should you be going this fast?"  I, in my blissful running state, told her that I was feeling just fine.... and I meant it.  On Thursday, I went to her strength/cardio class, which I had been doing low impact.  I decided that since I was "healed" I would start doing the cardio segments high impact again.  After all, the floor is a softer floor and I had been doing fine on pavement so this would be fine.  Funny thing is, at one point, our instructor (that would be Sarah) said "perhaps if you've recently had a stress fracture you should not be doing this."  I laughed, but took her advice and did the remainder of that exercise low impact.

Later that day, as I was rushing around, getting stuff ready for Christmas, I noticed my calf felt kind of stiff and sore.  It was very familiar and I immediately took some ibuprofen and stretched things out.  I pushed aside my panic and ignored it.  The next morning when we met at the park for our Christmas Eve run, I was sore as soon as John and I started running and this was at what I would consider an easy pace.  Right then, I knew I had overdone it.. AGAIN!  I finished up my run, saying nothing to anyone.  The next time I ran was Sunday (yesterday) when I convinced Will to come out with me for an easy run since it was flurrying and so pretty.  He begrudgingly agreed and as we headed up the street at Will's pace (easy), I felt very sore.  And yes, I again ran this morning.  My five mile flat route and yes, I ran too fast at the end.  Maybe it was because I knew it would be my last run for awhile.

I have been wracking my brain for a reason for all this carelessness.  And I have finally have to come to terms with this... I am taking Boston off the table for the spring.  I will not be attempting to train for a BQ during any marathon this spring.  This is the last thing I want to do, but it is that "carrot" that keeps me pushing myself to get back out there and train hard.  My immediate goal is complete recovery and it isn't ever going to occur if I've got Boston on my brain.  It just won't.  This is perhaps the hardest thing for me to do at this point in my life because I am physically conditioned and capable of getting this done but am unable to execute my plan because of this injury.  So it's off the table.  Don't bother with the on-line tracking.  Your ass is sure to get sore from sitting there so long waiting for me to finish the Flying Pig.... if I am even able to do the entire Pig.  We will see.  Perhaps Chicago will have to be the golden ticket.

Alright, enough of this.  I'm going shopping and see if that doesn't help lift my spirits!

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