Sunday, November 14, 2010

Calling bullshit... and the 2009 Columbus Marathon

Shortly after reading my most recent post, I received an e-mail from my sister, Maggie.  She decided to "privately call me out" on the fact that she had many times been witness to the "party bitch" and that I wasn't exactly being straight about the calm, cool and collected girl I claimed to be.  Coupled with the fact that John laughed at my saying a messy house didn't stress me out, I decided to revisit this.  Ok, I will admit, that at times I have been known to turn into a royal you-know-what when I am having company.  But that's normal for any woman, right?  I mean, you want to invite guests over and have the house look respectably clean when they arrive, don't you?  I don't think that classifies me as a high strung nervous wreck.  And yes, I like to have the breakfast dishes done and the kitchen cleaned up before I leave to take the kids to school in the morning.  But that is only because I often don't get back home until close to lunch time and don't want to be doing breakfast dishes while making myself and Lucy lunch.  Nothing screams abnormal to me there, either.  But fair enough, John and Maggie.  I'll admit I can get a tiny bit uptight about this subject, but obsessive and crazy?  No way.  Not for me.  Come check out the house right now and you'll see just how laid back I can be.  Now that that is settled, on to marathon morning!

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