Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm certain Jesus was an ultramarathoner

Ok, so maybe my last post was a bit deceptive.  I simply changed the title.  But I meant it when I said it was the last post under the old blog name... and I won't be officially "training" for a while, but I can start the mental process in switching my brain to the ultra-marathon mentality.

Last night I told my dad that my friend Karen and I often talk about the "narrow gate to Heaven" and how we fear that the gate gets narrower every day.  My dad says it is because as we age our metabolisms slow down and we get bigger, therefore the gate gets smaller.  Now do you get why I want to run ultras?  Next time you are at Church, take a good look at Jesus on the cross.  After thanking him for giving his life for us, take the time to notice his build.  The man was a running machine I'm sure!  My brother Jack noticed it too... his thin muscular build screams "I am a distance runner!"  And since our ultimate goal in life is to get to Heaven and to do that, we must emulate Christ in our actions, my decision to run ultras makes perfect sense.  And as a bonus, it burns tons of calories.

Welcome to my next journey.  Prayers for mental strength, spiritual growth and an injury free adventure!

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