Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I See the Light - lyrics (Tangled)

Last fall, I took Lucy and Emma to see the movie Tangled. It is the the story of Rapunzel, made into a modern movie by Disney. I know it was after the Columbus Marathon and during a pretty dark time in my running life. One of the songs struck me. As a matter of fact, I remember tearing up in the theatre (thank God it was dark... I swear). The words were quite powerful, yes, even for a Disney movie. I remember thinking..."I really hope someday these setbacks all makes sense and come together for me." I thought it while listening to the song. Now grant it, Rapunzel and Flynn (the love interest in the movie) are of course, referring to each other when they sing it. But nonetheless, I guarantee it spoke to a lot of people on a lot of levels who have had setbacks that they have overcome.
Last week, my friend Kim sent me a Facebook post about an Ironman champion who was unable to compete in a race that he was fully trained for due to illness. To work that hard and for that long and then be sidelined by illness. Sickening thought, really. He talked about how angry he was and how devastated he was over this turn of events. But came to realize that God had other plans for him that day. The athlete of whom I speak was born with a congenital defect and was missing his left hand (I think that is what I remember in his pictures). Instead of competing, he went to a Helping Hands conference and spoke to and met hundreds of kids with disabilities similar to his. Not only did he inspire them, but was also inspired BY them. That day, he was exactly where he was meant to be.
What I am learning about myself as a runner is that my quest for a BQ has never really been about running. My friend, Deb, pointed that out not too long ago and I'm not sure I FULLY believed it until two weekends ago when I attending a CHRP weekend for our parish. During that weekend, I received letters from family and friends. Some of those referred to my running as examples of how I've helped THEM or inspired THEM to do more, work harder and be better... not just at running, but at life. I was majorly humbled. A very clear picture has begun to unfold as I reflect on some of their words. My journey to Boston and now to ultra-running has NOTHING to do with running itself. Rather it is the tool God has chosen to use to help me better myself not just physically, but spiritually. When He created me, he sprinkled a bit of vanity and competitiveness in the mix. Just enough to make running the perfect tool. And so I am absolutely conviced.... I'm where I'm meant to be. As are most of us. At last... I see the light!

P.S.... Easter Bunny if you are reading, I think my girls would LOVE this adorable movie in their basket. And I would like the new Brad Paisley autobiography... available April 10th (or something like that).

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