Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

This one is because it's Valentine's Day.  And I post it at the risk of certain readers gagging and saying "Oh gimme a break!"  But I must.  John deserves it.  So feel free to skip it.  I don't want anyone to lose their lunch.

Of absolutely anyone in my life that deserves thanks and gratitude for helping me get where I am, and continues until I get where I want to be, it is John.  What that man has put up in the past three years deserves an honorary medal to say the least.  Countless long runs, weekend races and a tired wife has been the life he's lived.  In addition to putting up with all these things, he's acted excited and interested (for the most part) about the things I've done and want to do.  I know he doesn't want me to say this, but I don't care.... my blog.... this summer he started running.  John has always hated running.  He seemed to be following some sort of schedule that I couldn't quite figure out.  I was unsure of his motivation since he really didn't seem to want any advice from me.  Every weekend, he'd go out and do a "long run" until one day, he ran 13.1 miles by himself.  To tell you the truth, I was more irritated about it than anything because he'd pick the most inconvenient times to go out.  I know, can you believe what a bitch I was after all my training to act annoyed with him?  I'm telling you, I'm his ticket to Heaven.  So anyway, he comes home and brags about how he ran a half marathon for FREE that day.  And started in on why I would pay to run when there are plenty of miles out there you can run at no cost.  I gave him two words.. "t-shirt and medal".  He seemed unimpressed.

Fast forward to the expo at the Columbus Marathon.  I am in my semi-nervous (not freaking out) state, but at least enjoying the expo more than I had the previous year.  We were walking out and John told me that he'd started running so that he could run the last half of the marathon with me.  He said that he wasn't able to get the pace I would be running (turns out he probably could have.. HA!) so he had decided against it.  Again, John hates running.  This was for me and what I would consider the most unselfish act anyone has ever done for me  (ok, minus my parents who unselfishly raised me for many, many years...)  To begin training in the blazing, bloody heat, doing something you don't like at all in an effort to help your wife accomplish something she wanted so badly, is in a nutshell, amazing.

If there is anyone I want to get to Boston for more than myself, it is him.  Twenty three years, four crazy kids, insane schedule juggling, lots of sorrow, joy and humor... I would do it a thousand times over again.


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