Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Big Favor, Just Because

If you are like me and are randomly reading this blog entry because you somehow inadvertently stumbled across it, chances are that you just want to read it and go on with your day, evening or whatever.  Perhaps you don't know me at all.  Maybe you think I'm weird and all over the place with my thoughts and ideas about running.  All wonderful reasons to keep reading :)  So keep reading...

From the very beginning of this blog in 2010 until now, I have made so many references to my friend and training buddy, Sarah, that you may even feel like you could sit and have coffee with her by now.  And you really could!  She is very nice and very personable.  She is also in need of just a wee bit of help from anyone and everyone that will kindly help her.  Don't worry.  It does not even involve moving from your computer, laptop, iPad, etc.  In fact, it'll take you less than 2 minutes to do this.  Sarah owns a local fitness studio in our town.  She teaches fitness classes and cycling.  She is a registered dietician and also does nutritional counseling.  Sarah has a really good thing going since the opening of her studio nearly two years ago.  But the one thing that keeps her from growth and the development of new programs is... money!  DON'T WORRY, you don't have to send money.  Unless you want to!

No, it is nothing of the sort.  Sarah recently applied for a grant to receive $250,000.00 to go toward her business, Evolution Nutrition and Fitness Studio, LLC.  In addition to answering five essay questions, she must receive at least 250 votes on the grant website.  So here is where she needs the help and kindness of not only those who know her, but also complete and total strangers.  Maybe you hate to run or even exercise at all.  Maybe you despise those that do.  Ok, that's cool.  But could you do her a favor, just today, and click on the link, put in the zip code 45030 and vote for Evolution Nutrition and Fitness Studio, LLC?  After all, today is election day.  You don't have to choose sides, be affiliated with any political party or even argue with your friend on this issue.  You just have to sit here, click the link and vote for her business.  You may not even live in the state of Ohio or even in the US.  That would make it even NICER for you to do this.  Just a simple, random act of kindness.  That would be awesome and greatly appreciated.  As I write this, she has 172 votes.  She has until Nov. 15th to get AT LEAST 250.  So if you read this on November 14th, click on the link and find she has 300 votes... cool... vote anyway!  The more, the better.  Thank you so much!

Here is the link:


Once on the site, type in the zip code 45030.  Evolution Nutrition and Fitness Studio, LLC will appear with a small box that says "vote".

Simply click it.  That is it.  You are done and you are awesome!

One other thing, when I voted, I had to log on to Facebook in order to do so.  I think that is how they keep track of who has voted and you only get one vote.

Ok, new puppy just threw up on my bedroom carpet since I have been ignoring him.  Must go.  Thanks again!

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