Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Life is but a blink in the grand scheme of eternity.  It is a passing through from this world to the next, where we will spend forever.  My goal is to live my life on earth as if it were a "training ground" (thank you, Tom Ryan) in preparation for my final destination.  And you all know how much I looooveeee training!

Apparently Heaven is a place of unimaginable happiness.  Anything our hearts and souls desire, becomes a reality in Heaven.  I have tried to imagine many times over what this is like.  I believe I have come up with my perfect Heaven.  Upon arrival at the gates of Heaven, I will be judged.  I imagine this to be the most frightening thing I have ever encountered.  I imagine myself to be begging for mercy as my life is played in full view... no excuses, no denial of all the wrongs I've committed.  They are all right there.  But God is so merciful and also accentuates the good things I've done.  He knows my soul inside and out and decides that I always TRIED hard to be better and follow Him, no matter the countless times I failed, I was always sorry and asked for forgiveness.  It was because I tried that I enter into His kingdom.

I walk through the gates... no wait... GLIDE with my sweet new set of wings.  I really don't need legs anymore.  They are just decoration now.  But the good Lord knows what I like and so I am led to my room.  I enter the most glorious room one can ever imagine.  It is filled with the finest, most state of the art running gear ever.  In the back there is a door that leads to a breathless, beautifully wooded area with running trails as far as the eye can see.   There is a knock on my door and it turns out to be Jesus, handing me his running schedule.  Turns out that He, too, runs early.  And of course, we run the same pace.  I am suddenly overcome with emotion and so thankful that I recognized the need to be good on earth because nothing, and I mean NOTHING, could top this moment.  But there is more.  There are marathons and ultra marathons in Heaven.  There are pre-loading pasta dinners and when I arrive at the table, every person that I love who has gone before me is at the table.  And now they have all discovered how much they love running (I suppose it is a lot easier in Heaven) and are also planning on running with me.

Do you know the sense of urgency I have to be there some day?

But I have work to do.  For starters, every important decision I make must be guided with that goal in mind.  The goal to spend eternity with God in Heaven.  One of those decisions is what politician to put into office.  Do not fool yourselves into thinking morality does not come into play here.

I am pro-life.  As a pro-life person, I believe that life begins at conception.  I believe the value of a two cell soul has the same value as a 6 year old breathing child.  That is what it means to be pro-life.  So no wonder it baffles me when I hear self pro-claimed pro-lifers saying they are voting for a president who does not believe the same thing.  I have been told I am tunnel visioned.  That there is more than one issue at stake.  That abortion cannot be the only thing we think about when we vote.  Huh?  Read what I said... I BELIEVE A TWO CELL SOUL HAS THE SAME VALUE AS A 6 YEAR OLD BREATHING CHILD!!  Would the good Lord be ok with me voting for a person who promised me wealth, financial security, free shit, lower taxes, college tuition for my kids and all that other stuff if the stipulation was that it would be legal to kill children, regardless of the reason?  I think not.  It is not pro-choice people that bother me when it comes to their vote.  At least they aren't hypocrites.

I will vote my conscience in order to keep my eye on the prize... running with Jesus.  I hope and pray that others do the same.  Remember, life is but a blink.

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