Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Polly... Part 1

A sure way to get the Home Depot delivery guys to deliver my refrigerator is for me to sit down and start a blog.  It is 4:30 and I was given a "window" of between 1 and 5.  They would call 1/2 hour before delivery so that I could empty the old refrigerator.  Well, no phone call.  Haven't wanted to start dinner, for fear I'd have the kitchen in disarray and then BAM... a phone call and rush to get the fridge emptied.  So, what this does is provides a great opportunity to blog about Polly (oh yeah, Jack's at basketball and my self sufficient homework doers are working and Lucy is playing with a neighbor friend.  All is well).

Oh well, wouldn't you know it.  Home Depot is on the way.  Gotta empty the fridge so be back in a few days :)

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